About Kiwi go crazy

One sunny afternoon, I was sitting under a kiwi tree, thinking about a name for my business.

First kiwi fall on the table, second one on my head - Kiwi Go Crazy! ;)


Kiwi Go Crazy represents healthy and harmonious lifestyle, with incorporating natural product in daily routine.


It all started with natural cosmetics. From very young age, we are bombarded with unnecessary chemical toxins, contained in our food, cosmetic products and in various item we use on daily basis. The extent of all this became horrifying to me when I became a mother. Considering my education in medicine and chemistry, I was well aware of harmful effects of different chemicals on human body. Also I knew that nature has her own solution for everything. After all, all those chemical compounds are based on mimicking something from nature.


What I am doing in Kiwi is very similar, with one BIG difference - minimal interference in process of production.

The skin as the largest organ of our body, protects us against external attacks, many life important processes are taking place in that organ. The skin is highly permeable and everything applied to the skin will be absorbed in our bloodstream, reaching all organs.

That’s way it’s important to pay close attention to the substances that we are exposing ourselves through cosmetics, clothing, cleaning supplies and other.


Many, I would dare to say all, of today’s illnesses are the result of our daily and lifestyle choices.


Everything in nature works on the principe of balanced homeostasis. When that balance is disrupted, sickness prevails.Establishing that balance is the biggest problem of today's society. Kiwi go crazy is in the service of  balance so that an individual achieves his greatest potential and becomes the best version of himself in all fields of his existence.


During my work with clients I have realized that using natural cosmetics only, without at least some modification to diet and/or lifestyle won’t bring good, long-term results. The magic pill or magic stick that will erase all of our problems does not exist. The key is of course in each of us. We can heal ourselfs with inconporating good and healthy lifestyle routines. With this knowledge I started working individually with my clients. Each of us has the power to heal and to become the best version of themself. For my clients, I'm just a guide on that road.


By my example, I show how to get started, how to adapt  healthy and natural preparations to you and your habits. How to change your life and live in harmony with body, mind, and soul.

On this site I will share with you all that I have learned and practiced daily on my journey back to nature so far. Recipes, both for the production of natural cosmetics and food. I hope you will find something useful for yourself.



Eat good local organic grown food, exercise, love yourself, take care of your body, mind and spirit. If you need some support feel free to contact us. 

Be healthy, happy and fulfilled.

Kiwi go crazy