About Gracia 

My name is Gracia Petek. I’m a woman, a mother and a crazy-nature-loving person. Even as a small child, I knew that I wanted to help people somehow.


I was an excellent medical student on my way to a prosperous medical carrier. Everything looked great, my grades wore excellent yet something was way off.  I’ve developed health issues such as sleeping disorders, panic attacks, digestive problems, hemorrhoids which tended to bleed just before every major exam…I was taking all kinds of pills and painkillers, which was normal to everyone around me. My life was reduced to studying and trying to handle tones of stress to keep myself together. I kept saying to myself that it wasn’t a big deal, every medical student in Croatia goes through that. But it was a big deal. I couldn’t help myself thinking that it was wrong. The whole system is wrong. I’m sick! How can i help anyone if I’m constantly stressed and exhausted, and so wore everyone around me. We wore all chasing that dream job, big paycheck, ideal partner, something to fill the hole, yet remained empty and tired. I’ve watched patients looking to be saved by doctors and magic pills. I’ve watched senior doctors fading away, becoming robots who treat their patients like numbers.


It became very clear that something was rotten in conventional medicine and that I can’t and I won’t work in a system like that.


On the personal front, I was going through what turned out to be the hardest breakup in my life. It was a short-term relationship, but mixed with everything else in my life, it was that final drop that was crucial for final breaking of the shell.


I hit rock bottom. Had nothing else to lose. And in that stage of total despair, my life took a whole new road. I’ve decided to take complete responsibility for myself and my life.


I’ve started working out regularly, spent a lot of time in nature. Meditated daily, changed my diet, stopped taking pills. I was reading everything from eastern philosophy to the Bible, from Jung to self-help manuals. All those books made me more and more aware of what I knew deep down all along. What everyone of us knows on soul level. We are here to be happy, fulfilled and successful in the best possible way.

Things slowly started coming together, one by one. All of my health issues wore gone. I became a mother of a beautiful little girl. Started practising alternative medicine. I’ve got an Aromatherapy course, and from day one, I’ve surrounded myself with finest essential oils.

I’ve started my own business.

Slowly, but with great confidence, I’m building a life beyond my dream.

Creativity, love for nature and people, healthy food and cosmetics all mixed together in my daily work. Very often I don’t even feel like I’m working. Just living in harmony with myself and the world around me. Free, happy, fulfilled and peaceful. Spreading the good vibes as much as possible on everything and everyone.


I’m especially proud of my little girl. She’s a happy and healthy four-year old, who goes to local preschool and through her whole life, she was never treated with antibiotics. Every parent will understand what an success that is.


I’m here to share my experience of returning to nature, to myself and of creating harmonious and healthy life.


I hope you will find something for yourself on these pages.


Love, Gracia.